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personal grant to pay bills

darrin started this conversation

credit card bills start a small buisnes

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heavensangel   in reply to Ms.Peaches
Amen girl! He will supply ALL your needs according to HIS riches and glory. Praise God.
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I want to complain that I am supposed to get $338 state income tax refund I filed late May AND I'm waiting on a $500 check for 2 weeks worthof work and $300 bonus check from work. If all this came in as you can see, ...what a relief. Instead, I've postponed paying electricity and water. Asking for rides to work because I don't have gas and loaded up on Mac and Cheese and Ramen. Help! Pray for me!!! That my money comes. I pray for you as well. May blessings flow from Heaven upon you! Thank you!
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 in response to suesue45...   I understand why you are in this situation. Try GOD he can turn your life into a wonderful testimony just try him and stop blaming him for all the wrong in the world. He is the creator of all, good and evil and everyone will have to give account to him for their actions. Every Knee will bow and every tounge will confess that he is LORD. Accept GOD today for tomorrow is not promised to you don't cheat yourself of the blessing he has in store for those who love him. GOD bless you and I pray that you will accept JESUS as your LORD and personal savior before judgement day!
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Loveable Person
 in response to "Worshiper In Me"...   Thank you I needed that this morning
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Loveable Person
Good morning everyone how are you all doing this morning? me just feel bad in my spirit. I left my job because my boss would not pay me for the last five months I have went from getting paid six hundred dollars every two weeks to two hundred dollars every two weeks. and during this tiime i have lost a car, got behind in paying my bills, no money in my banking account had to close one of them down because it was over drawn $34.00. I am married my husband just got a pay cut from being a truck driver and we are just going through and did I forget to tell you my husband is a pastor O wow. We have gave our last to people just to see them smile and be happy all we want now is to smile and be happy. Have a Blessed day.
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"Worshiper In Me"
 in response to suesue45...   I understand things can get hard and over whelming, but your still here by the grace of God. God has brought me through so much, I shouldn't be here today, I know it was God because I was lost and weak, ready to give up, commit suicide and be done with life. I found a strengh that is greater than my own and God turned my life around. Im here by the grace of God, living and serving him til the day I die. You stated that a person getting clean has nothing to do with God but with there own strengh (And I Quote),"If you were a dope fiend and were able to quit and get your life together then that is all on you not GOD.". then you said " The thought of having something to believe in might have helped you through it but you did it or whoever knocked some sense into ya". Why not the sence knocked into you, come from God. I promise if you believe in your heart, God will show himself to you and your family ... God will turn your life around. Believe "He Did It For Me!!" Let God In Your Heart
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Iam trying to pay my to wishing off for my school but I dont know where to sign up at for a grant.
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 in response to suesue45...   I feel sorry for you, but not because of all your woes. I once thought like you. Though as I sit here and reflect and recall all the stupid shit I have done n all the dangerous situations Ive been in (that at the time I didnt even realize were dangerous.) Cant help but sit back n smile, for divine intervention is the only thing that kept me alive in those days. Yes the Lord STILL is wth me. I just had to let him in :)
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 in response to c_hardy86...   You can ask the credit companies to decrease the interest rate and there is a debt consolidation company called American Consumer Credit. It is legitimate as I have visited it in Newton MA. and they negotiate with your credit card companies. I am a nurse and can't find a job as I have been out of the hospital for a long time. It is terrible.
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 in response to ann55...   You should start at your nearest social services offices. There will be programs like food stamps that will at least help pay for your food. For bills such as heating, if you are considered low-incomed enough then you may be able to get a grant to help you with that.

As far as grants go for paying credit card debts, personally I have not yet found a grant program that deals specifically with providing grant money to help pay off credit card debt(s).
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 in response to BECKE...   If you are looking for a grant to start a childcare facility then one of the place that you should first check would be your own state's website. They should have a list ing of available grant and funding programs. There are also some private organizations that have grant programs relating to this so you should do some checking online for them. If you are a minority then you have yet MORE funding programs available that you may be eligible to apply for.

As far as buying a home you might want to check with some realtors because since they get a commission then I think that they would be a good source of information regarding grants and funding programs for first-time buyers.
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Would like some help getting Gov. grant to pays bills. Please. I have disabled been since 2006 at age 50, Had to stop work. Applied 10 2006 for SSDI but only got it 2011, with only 3 months back pay. Please I need help now. Thank you

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I would like some info on getting a government grant for opening a childcare facility and to buy a home for the first went to college for early childhood ed but i have not got the means to start one
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 in response to suesue45...   Clinton was very liked by the country's outside the United States. But he couldn't run for more than 8 years and I agree when they came after him for that, heck John Kennedy an others presidents before him were womanizers but it was kept from the public which doesn't make it right. We are in for a long haul with the economy. Suze Orman say 2016 will see a change and I have a friend said longer than that. So start helping people whenever you can as this is worse than the depression as it is affecting the whole world this time.. I wanted Hilary in. See what happens the decision has been made. So if you don't like it, you can write to Obama as I did in my blog your American story.
take care
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 in response to Starshine...   yeah i know. We should have a government that keeps the good leaders not kick em to the curb cuz of a blowjob. Hell everybody gets em. He kept us in good shape now look at us!U all should've voted for Hilary!!
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 in response to GODSSERVANT...   I am sorry but I don't believe that. If you were a dope fiend and were able to quit and get your life together, then that is all on you not GOD.The thought of having something to believe in might have helped you through it but you did it or whoever knocked some sense into ya. I am poor no job no money for bills or a car to get a job have many health problems but can't get disability for some reason and i have a 5 year old daughter, my husband and i cannot have anymore kids and don't have the money to get the surgery i need to make that happen. If there really was a GOD the children around the world wouldn't be starving or dieing and there would be no such thing as money. He wouldn't let presidents start wars and kill and make everyone suffer so he can be in control, he would strike them down with his "power" but he lets it continue day after day.
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 in response to suesue45...   I wish we could but his time ran out in office. Now wait to see what else happens.
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 in response to getwisdom1...   Adults understand these things, but when it comes right down to it on christmas morning and your babies see NOTHING from "Santa" it is very heartbreaking. They cry we cry we all cry together! So sad that America has come to be the Land of Nothing Free!! Get rid of money and we can all be rich. How can they give away millions of dollars on reality tv shows but no one can give a poor family a million dollars?
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 in response to squirell...   if they want you to pay money it is fake. go to
this is a federal site for grants. Don't pay for something u can find for free.
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