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personal grant to pay bills

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Would like some help getting Gov. grant to pays bills. Please. I have disabled been since 2006 at age 50, Had to stop work. Applied 10 2006 for SSDI but only got it 2011, with only 3 months back pay. Please I need help now. Thank you

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I would like some info on getting a government grant for opening a childcare facility and to buy a home for the first went to college for early childhood ed but i have not got the means to start one
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 in response to suesue45...   Clinton was very liked by the country's outside the United States. But he couldn't run for more than 8 years and I agree when they came after him for that, heck John Kennedy an others presidents before him were womanizers but it was kept from the public which doesn't make it right. We are in for a long haul with the economy. Suze Orman say 2016 will see a change and I have a friend said longer than that. So start helping people whenever you can as this is worse than the depression as it is affecting the whole world this time.. I wanted Hilary in. See what happens the decision has been made. So if you don't like it, you can write to Obama as I did in my blog your American story.
take care
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 in response to Starshine...   yeah i know. We should have a government that keeps the good leaders not kick em to the curb cuz of a blowjob. Hell everybody gets em. He kept us in good shape now look at us!U all should've voted for Hilary!!
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 in response to GODSSERVANT...   I am sorry but I don't believe that. If you were a dope fiend and were able to quit and get your life together, then that is all on you not GOD.The thought of having something to believe in might have helped you through it but you did it or whoever knocked some sense into ya. I am poor no job no money for bills or a car to get a job have many health problems but can't get disability for some reason and i have a 5 year old daughter, my husband and i cannot have anymore kids and don't have the money to get the surgery i need to make that happen. If there really was a GOD the children around the world wouldn't be starving or dieing and there would be no such thing as money. He wouldn't let presidents start wars and kill and make everyone suffer so he can be in control, he would strike them down with his "power" but he lets it continue day after day.
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 in response to suesue45...   I wish we could but his time ran out in office. Now wait to see what else happens.
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 in response to getwisdom1...   Adults understand these things, but when it comes right down to it on christmas morning and your babies see NOTHING from "Santa" it is very heartbreaking. They cry we cry we all cry together! So sad that America has come to be the Land of Nothing Free!! Get rid of money and we can all be rich. How can they give away millions of dollars on reality tv shows but no one can give a poor family a million dollars?
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 in response to squirell...   if they want you to pay money it is fake. go to
this is a federal site for grants. Don't pay for something u can find for free.
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 in response to justinekase...   I am also looking for help with bills and cars and things. I dont even have money for christmas this year. I don't know what to say to my daughter when she has no presents. Instead of paying for a cell phone you can get a free one at this link.
you can get 250 minutes free each month. I got one. U gotta have foodstamps or medical card or section 8, or HUD something like that to get one. Just apply I'm sure you will get it if you are low-income.
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 in response to bebe12...   


A lady named Inspiration , I hope I got it right here is the information for someone look for a free attorney. I haven't check the link out but remember the posting from earlier today. I hope it helps you as attornies are too expensive and I am not crazy about them as I have had to use them in my after my mom's death.. I don't care for attornies one bit cause they bleed you dry and they could care less. I hope you find one for free.. Good luck.

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 in response to bebe12...   I am so sorry for what you are going through. I don't know what state you live in, but there is a help center in every state at each courthouse. They can help you with basic filings, court dates, and paperwork.GO NOW!! Get started on getting your child back. ALthough the police usually cannot enforce anything without a written order, it may help to involve them anyway. Your ex may not want to go through the trouble of dealing with them. I would show up at his house(bring a witness in case this is needed in court) and call the police. Tell them your child lives with you, but that you are currently in court with no written order but he is refusing to give you the child back. Their presence may shake him up enough to give her back to you. Ask the police for a report number and take this with you to court.Hopefully you can get your baby back, you are in my prayers. Please update on what happens or if you have any other questions. I may be able to help you more if I knew what state you are in.
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i have atwo year old daughter, and my ex boyfriend pretty much stole her over the weekend. Because he had her for the weekend and he was sopose togive her back on monday , but never showed. We are going to court over custody of my daughter and my worst ear is loosing the one thing that means the world to me. i need to get 5,000 dollars by the end of the month to pay the lawer, and i don't know how to get the money. Does anyone know what i should do?????

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I'm a mother of 3 children I have a daughter and 2 boys both boys are handicap, and live with the the state because it was hard for me to take care of them. I was getting ssi on the boys. My husband works at a fast food, and I can not find work. How can we get help paying our bills? If you can please let me know. Thank you puppylover

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 in response to cassnnick...   

Like I have said many times before it will depend on the type of grant that you are seeking.  Those sites that you are going to that are asking a fee are asking that fee because of the work that they did to find and gather the information.  They are called third-party sites.

If you are looking for financial help for something relating to your utility bills, rent, or mortgage payments then you should contact your nearest social services/welfare office because they would best know of grant programs that can help you.

There are organizations that have their own online website where you do not have to pay for their grant information.  Some of them even let you apply online.  The same thing goes for the official government grant site where you do not have to pay anything for their grant information.  Since government grant money is funded by taxpayer money then the government has to make their grant information freely accessible to the public which they have done by having an official website plus they have printed information about their grant programs that you should be able to find at your public library.

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 in response to Roseb441702...   do u happen to know of a site tha u can just apply and not pay?
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i badly need help  i cannot get my heat turned on, we can not buy food and my car is dead so getting to work is proving very difficult. We make literally 9 dollars too much for the state to help! What do i do i have been searching all day and seem to be getting no where. can someone help me?

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Types of funding areas you are interested in?
Education / Tuition Personal Assistance
How much money do you need? $500-$10,000
this is what I would use the money for:

Personal Assistance: If I remain in the current situation I would need at least $10,000.00 for the next 12 months, broken down and rounded off is as follows: 3480.out of pocket expenses for college (290.00 per month) 302.00 = auto insurance 151.00 per six months 360.00= (30.00 per month for internet connection for classes) 720.00 = (60.00 per month for cellular phone ) $4,800= ( 400.00 per month for a room to rent) $1,200.00= ( 100.00 share of gas for heat and electric)

What unique things would separate you from other applicants applying for this money?

I am confronted with a disparaging situation... I am unemployed ineligible for unemployment and just recently became homeless. Everything I own is in a storage unit which will be lost as of the 17th of August because I cannot pay the $300.00 I owe. I am mindful that I am not the only one enduring the hardships of the current economical state of affairs. The casualties and complexities surrounding this "economy" will continue to take its' toll on many, so... if anyone ot there has any suggestions or links let me know.

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 in response to Roseb441702...   thank you iappreciate thehelp
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 in response to squirell...   

Please be advised that when you go to a site that asks a fee for grant information you are at a "third-party" site.  They are charging a fee for gathering and finding the grant information for you.  It is the same thing as you going into a book store to get a book on grants and you have to pay for the book.

As a solution to not having to pay a fee you can go directly to the grant sites themselves - which you will have to find yourselves for the most part.  The official government website has a list of all of the grant programs that they have available and they do not charge a fee for the information about their grant programs.  You have to understand that this grant money is from taxpayer dollars and has to be made freely accessible to the public (the same thing that the different states are trying to do with all of the unclaimed money that they have) 

Freely accessible to the public and they that the government does this is by having an official government website and they should also have printed publications about their grant programs in public libraries as well.  Depending on what type of grant you are looking for you should also contact your local social services / welfare agency because they would know of grant programs that can help you regardless of whether you are low-incomed or not.

Also  you have to realize that its not only the government that has grant programs.  Organizations, charities and even some businesses and individuals have them as well - not all grants are government grants.

You should also check some of the past posts here on Aidpage - you didn't mention what type of grant that you are looking for but there are a lot of previous posts here that have information about various grants and programs that may be able to help you. 

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